Chapter 2 Notes

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Western University
Management and Organizational Studies
Management and Organizational Studies 2275A/B
Philip King

S\`W^ŶZ`^[VaU`[Z`[`WWYS_`W Jf¾f -f ffť¾ ¾n ¾f¾f–f ¯f°¯ff¾© ¾f°f½½¯f° Dff°ťf¾f½¾nf ¯f–f¾° ¯ €½½f½½f°– °f¯ţ,¾ "fť¾ € ¾fnf° °€n n ¾ –°¯°f–°n¾Ŧ $½°¯°¾°¾f¾€fn€°°€f O J€°°€ff¾°€nf ¾f¾½fnnff ¾°¾ ––¾f¾ © ¾¯fŦ% nf°f¾¾ ¯f¾°–f¾ f ffn°–¯f O $½°¯°ff°¾¾°– °€ffnf°&ff¾°f½¾€f nf ¾'¾n°¾f°–°–f°nf°–°–°€°°f¾f¯fţ°¾f° ½n°¾fn°¾f° °–¾ nn¾¾f¯ €€n€ ť¯nf¾¾ţ½°– ¾ţ(°–¾¾n°f°– f– f–¾€"f * ¾f°fť¾f ¾¾°°–¾f°° ff¾°¾n f¾¯¾°¾ n° nŦ@–¾fţf°°½½f– ff° ¾½€f 9n ffť¯°¾¾ ¾f°f¾ °€nŦ- ¾–°°–f¾ţ °¾–f°nŦ O ¾ ¾f° f°½n fff–ff¾½ ¯f ¾ n¾€f 9 nfť°n ¾n°¾ °fff¯°¾n °¾–°f°f¾f f€€nf°° f&¾f°¾½–°¯°°n ¾n¯°ffţŦŦ½¾° 9ffť°¾ ¾f–° ½¾°fţ¾nff° ¾°¾¾f°¾½¾Ŧ½f nfn°€°½¾°f–f°¾f°ţ/°¾Ŧ*¯ 0–°¾€f O -°€°½°n¾f°¾ff½n¯¯°f–f¾¾¯ O @n¯¯°f¾¾¯½°(°–f°f¾¯°° ¯ O ½f¯f¾; n°¯f°°–½°n°f °– n¯¯°ff¾ f½f¾¾¯ f¾°°nnnŧnfnf 4 -ťnf°; n€¾f½€f¾°nf¾f°Ť ¾ f¾€€ ¾f°¾°°–f Ťff¾€¾f¾ ¾€n¯½°¾f° ¾½¾°½¾°4f¾°½ffŦ S\`W^ŶZ`^[VaU`[Z`[`WWYS_`W f–f¾¾¯; n O ffn¾¾–°¯½/ ¾°f°f°f¯€ -f½°°56 n° O °nnfťŴf¾€ ¾¾ff¾ f½°n½¾€ff© –¾f½½nf¾¾ fn¯ €¯ 4 ; n¾°¾n€ ¾¾¾½ ¾¾ €¯ O @ °¾f°°–nn¾n–°8fn¯°¾½°n½¾ f½½ţ½n¾°¾°n°¾ °°–½n°¾'°fnf© ¾n° 4 *nf° ¾½n¾° f° ° ¯f°°¾€ f½°n½¾fnn¾°¾ O ,¾n°; nnnnf¯°€€n°5669ţ°°ffff¾:n° €–€f;ţf°¯f°°–½f¾n °°–¯½f°°€¯f°Ŧ ¯¯°"f–f¾¾¯ O @¾€¯€f–€¯f¾ ––€½ °°–¾f°° ¾ O ;°''¾f ¾f°–n ¾Ŧ O *fn¾¾ť –f fţf¾¾¯€© ¾n½°n© –¾= €fn&¾n¾°¾½¾½½nf 4 @nf°€f½½fn ¾f€€n½¯°€¾fn¾¾ 4 °€fn€¾fn¾¾¾fn¾°€f© –f°¾ °°– f© –¾f°n ¾°¾f¯f° ţ½€fn¾° nf¾¾f¾¯f O * ½¯ €f°ff¾–n °f°f°¾n¾°¾f °°–f n ¾°n °Ŧ >-ť¾fn¾¾½f¾°(°–¾n¯¯°f¾¾¯¾¾¯fn n ½f¾°°n¾¾¯Ŧ'f¾½f¾½n n¯€–f°f° ¾f –°–n Ŧ ¾°– ¾°–€fn¾ť½n¾¾© –¾ ¾nnnf¾¾ °°–½n°Ť°¾ n¯½f°–€fn¾f°¾¾ ¾ °–¯° * n¾€f ¯¯°fť ¯¯°fn ¾ť€¯f°½ –ťn €n ¯¯ °½ f¾ţn €°–¾ °nţf°nn Ŧ ;¾ť O ¾¯¾f°f°¾f¯f©¾ n€n¯¯°ff¾½°½f¾ S\`W^ŶZ`^[VaU`[Z`[`WWYS_`W O ¯¯°f ¾€¯´¯f°nfţf°–€¯n°n½¾€½½ f° ½¾¾¾¾°¾ O ¯¯°f ¾€¯n nfţf°–f€ f¾½n¾–f°–€f¯¾f°¾f¾ O [f¯ nf°¾ff°€€n°n¯¯°f O €nf°nť n ½f¾f¾ ½½¯°n¯¯°fn ¾Ť¾¯¯¾ €f¾n €= 4 "f¯–n¯¯°fn ¾¾n ¾f°f¾fn¯ ° 4 f°nn ½f€= ťf¾½ n €nf°n€ nf¾¾f°ff½n°f°½ ¾nf¾fn –¾n f° –f°€€n¯¾Ŧ Å ¾°¯f f° f¯f–¾f°¯°f¾ţ½½°– f€= f°= ff¯°f°f°°–¾f© °n°¾ f°¾f°°–¾ŦJf°°–¾ °°¾f€¯° (= ¾n°¾n €nf°n 5Ŧ '€ ff°= ¾¾ ff¯¯f°&f ?Ŧ % f½f n °–f°€€n¯€¯n €f @Ŧ f°f°¾nf°& f ¯fn¯°fn 9Ŧ % nf¯nf°°f¯°°n°½f AŦ '°°n¾°¾¾€© –¾ *f ¾ *f ť½ff¯°f°fn¯°¾½ °½fn –¾f°f°f¾½n°n© –Ŵ¯f f f¾°n¯¯°f= Ŧ °¯°&¾¾°n€ °n°¾ť–¾fţ© nfţf¯°¾fŦ9ff¯°–¾f¾nf¾f¾ –
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