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Management and Organizational Studies
Management and Organizational Studies 2275A/B
Janine Higgins

Sophisticated clientsomeone who understands the importance of the solicitorclient relationship and who knows how to form and utilize such a relationship to make good business decisionsBECOMING A SOPHISTICATED CLIENT y A SC knows when to represent herself when to hire a lawyer and how to hire one y A SC knows the costs of hiring a lawyer y A SC knows what to do if she is dissatisfied with her lawyers conduct y Knowledgeable confident and up to dateROLE OF THE LAWYER y Client is the decision maker y Lawyer is the expert providing advice y A lawyers advice to his client will not be of any value unless the client has provided all relevant information to the lawyer y Solicitorclient privilege refers to the duty of the lawyer to keep the information provided by the client confidentialWHEN TO REPRESENT YOURSELF y Not always necessary to retain a lawyer y A sophisticated client may be able to find legal information themselves y The internet has made legal information public so anyone can research y If
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