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Management and Organizational Studies
Management and Organizational Studies 2275A/B
Cristin Keller

Business Law Sophisticated Client – it is the client that tells the lawyer what to do -Understand what you are paying for The role of the lawyer is that of an agent: An agent is that who acts on his client’s best interest -A lawyer has to act on the advice of the client -The client is the decision maker, not the lawyer Solicitor-Client Privilege -The lawyer must keep everything the client tells to be held in confidence -Only under the circumstance that the judge forces the lawyer to answer will he or she disclose the confidential information -Encourage frankness – full story necessary to get the best result -Legally enforceable – only “privileged communication” that is legally enforceable -there is a duty to report if someone declares that he will do something illegal or that he has declared that he’s done something illegal to a child/children When to hire a lawyer -New business, buying existing business: searches, contract/ agreement - Compliance issues: ignorance of the law is no excuse -when large sums of money are involved or when you are convicted: when outcome is too large to bear, you should hire a lawyer (risk is high) -contracts When to represent yourself -when risks are low How to find a good lawyer -referrals -provincial law society: legal referral services
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