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Management and Organizational Studies
Management and Organizational Studies 2320A/B
John White

Chapter 15 Advertising Sales Promotions and Personal Selling Advertising The AIDA ModelAIDA Model A common model of the series of mental stages through which consumers move as a result of marketing communications awareness leaders to interest which leads to desire which leads to actionIn making a purchase decision consumers go through each of the AIDA steps to some degree but the steps may not always follow the AIDA order Ex impulse buying AwarenessAided Recall Occurs when consumers recognize the brand when its name is presented to themTopofmind Awareness A prominent place in peoples memories that triggers a response without them having to put any thought into it InterestOnce the consumer is aware that the company or product exists communication must to increase his or her interest levelDesireMove the consumer from I like it to I want itActionUltimate goal of any marketing communication is to drive the receiver to action The Lagged EffectLagged Effect A delayed response to a marketing communication campaign Advertising Objectives Informative Advertising Communication used to create and build brand awareness with the ultimate goal of moving the consumer through the buying cycle to a purchase Persuasive Advertising Communication used to motivate consumers to take action Reminder Advertising Communication used to remind consumers of a product or to prompt repurchases especially for products that have gained market acceptance and are in the maturity stage of their lifecycle Focus of AdvertisementsProductfocused Advertisements Used to inform persuade or remind consumers about a specific product or service 1
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