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Western University
Management and Organizational Studies
Management and Organizational Studies 3330A/B
May Tajima

Operations Supply Chain Management Review Notes  Supply Chain: a network of facilities, functions, and activities involved in producing and delivering products or services, from suppliers to customers  Supply chain management: o Coordination of the movement of goods through the supply chain o Control of information such as sales data, sales forecasts, promotions, and inventory levels  Traditional View of Supply Chain o Suppliers  Manufacturers  wholesalers (distributors)  retailers  customers o Information passed both ways in chain o Goods flow right o Revenue flows left  Network View of Supply Chain o E.g. Pharmaceutical company o Active ingredients  formulation  packaging  distributor  retail pharmacy  customer  Packaging   Primary Packaging (tier 1)  Secondary Packaging (tier 1) o Label Manufacturer (tier 2) o Two or more chains come together  E-Supply Chain o Can sell to customers directly o Goods flow  Suppliers  contract manufacturers  logistics providers  customers o Information flows everywhere with different types of data  Supply Chain Subjects o Logistics  Shipping and delivery  Transportation cost, mode, lead time, traffic management  Highway, rail or water, pipeline, air  Distribution management  Facility location (where/how many facilities?)  Positioning of inventory (where/how many to hold?)  Third party logistics  3pl  Outsourcing freight consolidation and distribution activities o They can get economies of scale  International business o Makes sense to use 3PL  Letting someone else do your logistics o Purchasing  Ordering and receiving materials  Materials of correct quality in correct quantity, in good price and on time  Purchasing cycle  1. Purchasing receives the requisition  2. Purchasing selects a supplier  3. Purchasing places the order with the vendor  4. Monitoring orders  5. Receiving orders  Interface with accounting, engineering, and legal dept.  Develop a supplier base: select, evaluate, and maintain  Sourcing! o Sourcing  Selecting suppliers  Price, quality, services, location, inventory policy, flexibility  Can be a strategic issue  which strategy to use?  Supplier selection strategies:  Single sourcing o Quantity discount o More responsive o Frequent deliveries o High quality o Better relations
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