Chapter 7

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Management and Organizational Studies
Management and Organizational Studies 3330A/B
Rick Burjaw

S\`W^Ż UWVa ZY S`W^ S_W]a ^WWZ` SZZ ZY UWVaW\SZZ ZY _`WS_`_`W\TWX[^WSU`aSU[\W` ZY`S__WVWX ZWV_UWVaW_S[cS U[\SZ`[SW\^[ _W_`[Ua_`[W^_U[ZUW^Z ZY`WU[\W` [Z` W[X`W_W^b UW\^[b VWV UWVaZY\W^S`[Z_ O bW^S_`^S`WY\^[b VW_X^SWc[^X[^S ZYVWU _ [Z_ Z[\W^S` [ZSS^WS_ O [\SZ W_V XXW^WZ` S`WTS_WV[Z\^[VaU`b[aW"bS^ W`SXXWU`_[^YSZ # ZY[\W^S` [Z_ O [\SZ\^[b V ZY$WSUZWWV_V XXW^WZ`_UWVa ZY`WUZ ]aW 4 ë Yb[aW%_`SZVS^V #WV%U[Z_ _`WZ`]aS `%[cW^S^Y Z\^[VaU`È_W^b UW$TSW^' ^ [Ua_\^[VaU`SZVS[a` 4 Œ[cb[aW%Ua_`[ #WV% YW^S^Y Z\^[VaU`_È_W^b UW ^ [Ua_YWZW^S\a^\[_WW]a \% Y_ WVW\[WW_"XW( TW\^[UW__X[c_ Y[aW\W^S`[Z_X[c[\W^S`[Z_ O [c\W^S`[Z_\^[UW__W_VW_ YZWV`[SZVW Yb[aW_`SZVS^V\^[VaU`_ O W\W` ` bW[\W^S` [Z_X[^V _U^W`W\^[VaU`_US^_%T^WSV% UWZ_W^WZWc ZY O [Z` Za[a_[\W^S` [Z_X[^Y[[V_\^[VaUWV ZU[Z` Za[a_X[cYS_[ ZW%cS_`W`^WS`WZ` O ëSbW_SW^\^[X `S^Y Z_U[_`WXX U WZU _ \[^`SZ` 4 U WbW`^[aY YWbW_[XST[^"W]a \WZ`a` #S` [Z O W_ YZ[Xc[^WZb_[[`X[c[X\^[VaU`_ÈUa_`[W^_`^[aY`W__`W S^SU`W^_`U_[X [c\W^S`[Z_ O ^WX (WV^[a`ZY_[\_`[TW\W^X[^WV%`W ^_W]aWZUW%`Wc[^UWZ`W^_"`W` W_`SZVS^V_ O ^[VaU`È_W^b UW _ScS_V[ZW`W_SWcS Z`W_SW_W]aWZUWcÈ_SWc[^_`S` [Z_ O [^_`S` [Z_S^^SZYWV_W]aWZ` SSUU[^V ZY`[`W^[a` ZY 4 WV US`WV`[_ ZYW\^[VaU`È `WV\^[VaU`XS $a_W_\WU S\a^\[_W_W]a \"`[[_' O S^\^[UW__ ZY` W_ZWWVWVS`WSUc[^_`S` [Z`[SU WbWSTSSZUWV ZW O Z_W^b UW[\W^S` [Z ZV b VaS_\W^X[^ ZYS_\WU X UTa` `WVSU` b `S^W`WW]a bSWZ`[X _\WU S\a^\[_WW]a \WZ` O S`W^ SX[c_TW`cWWZc[^_`S` [Z_STWSa`[S`WV 4 WVW_ YZWV__`W Z #W_ ZbWZ`[^"^WVaUW_`^[aY\a`` WX[^)" 4 W_ YZ[X\^[VaU` [Z ZWV U`S`W_US\SU `[X`WX[c__`W 4 [``WZWUXSU `%VW\S^`WZ`[^^W_[a^UWc[_WUS\SU ` _W__`SZVWSZV\SUWV [Z `WWV_Y^WS`W_`S[aZ`[X` WVW`W^ ZW_[cSZ)È`W__`WUSZ U[\W`W O [ZUW^ZW\[WWT[^WV[cÈ^W\W` ` bW`S__ 4 (+[TWZ^ UWZ`%+[TWZS^YWWZ`%+[T^[`S` [ZÊ^WVaUWT[^WV["S( #W ZW [a`\a` [c[aW\W^S`[Z_ $+[T_[\[\_' O _WVX[^ Y]aS `%Ua_`[ #WV\^[VaU`_ YW^\^[X `S^Y Z_ O _W Y_ WVW\[WW_%YWZW^S\a^\[_WW]a \$X[^S+[T_'"\^[UW__S[a` O T+WU` bWXW( T ` Z\^[VaU`bS^ S` [Z"\^[VaU`b[aW O ^[VaU`_SVW`[[^VW^%WSU\^[VaU`È_W^b UWSbW[cZ^[a` ZY`^[aYaZ ]aW_W]aWZUW[X S\`W^Ż UWVa ZY S`W^ S_W]a ^WWZ` SZZ ZY 4 [^_`S` [Z_%\^[UW__W_%S`W^ S_%[^_W`a\_UWVa ZY-U[\W( O [^[SVa_`TWV _`^ Ta`WVS[ZYc[^UWZ`W^_È_W^b UW\W^_[ZZW SZ``S^` O SZZ ZY"U[Z`^[US^`VW_ YZWV`[Y^S\ US_[cc[^[SV[^[Z `[^+[T\^[Y^W__ O _aS^W\^W_WZ`S` [Z[XS_UWVaW[bW^` Wc[ ZV_ ŵ [SVUS^` O S^``S`b _aS_[c_`Wc[^[SV^WS` bW`[`WUS\SU `S`S^W_[a^UW O [c_\SZZWVc[^[SV" VW` W_X[^Y^[a\[XSU ZW_È ZV b VaSW\[WW_ÈVW\S^`WZ` Ŷ ^[Y^W__S^` O US^``S`b _aS_[c_`W\SZZWV_UWVaWU[\S^WV`[SU`aS\W^X[^SZUW O [Z `[^_+[T\^[Y^W__T_[c ZY`W^WS` [Z_ \TW`cWWZ\SZZWV"SU`aS\W^X[^SZUW O ^SUW`_-cWZ`WSU` b ` __UWVaWV`[TWX Z _WV O SVWVS^WS-\^[Y^W__[XSU` b ` UWVaZY[^ O ZXZ`W[SVZY_UWVa ZY`S`USUaS`W_`WUS\SU `ZWWVWVS`c[^UWZ`W^_ Z`W` W \W^ [VZWWVWVcÈ[^WYS^V`[`WUS\SU `SbS STW`[V[`Wc[^ O Z`W[SVZY_UWVa ZY`S`[SV_c[^UWZ`W^_a\`[S\^WVW`W^ ZWVS[aZ`[XUS\SU ` O [^cS^V_UWVaZY_UWVaW`S`VW`W^ ZW_`WWS^ W_`\[__ TWU[\W` [ZVS`WX[^S+[T% _`S^`WV WV S`WcWZ+[T _^WUW bWV O SUcS^V_UWVaZYVW`W^ ZW_cWZ`W+[Ta_`TW_`S^`WV`[TWV[ZW[Z`WVaWVS`W SUaS`WcWZ`[_`S^``WS_`SU` b ``WZZW(``[S_` O SU`WS[aZ`[X` WS+[TUSZTWVWSWV"_` TWX Z _WVT `_VaWVS`W O [Z`[^ZY[^X[c 4 Z\a`È[a`\a`U[Z`^[`WUZ ]aWX[^[Z `[^ ZY`WX[c[X+[T_TW`cWWZc[^UWZ`W^_ 4 SZZWVb_SU`aS Z\a_"[a`\a`_ [c`[W]aWZUW [T_ O \W^S`[Z_W]aWZUZY$+[T_W]aWZU ZY'\SZ[XSU`aS+[T_`[TW^aZ ZWSUc[^ UWZ`W^TS_WV[ZSbS STWUS\SU `"\^ [^ ` W_W`_\^[+WU`WV_`S^`"X Z _` W_"W(\]aWaW_ O +[T_\^ [^ ` _ `_\[_ ` [Z Z`W_W]aWZUW ^[^`"aW_ O [^UWZ`W^_ZWWV\^ [^ `^aW_cWZa` \W+[T_ScS `\^[UW__ ZY O __aW_Z[bS^ ST ` ZW `W^_W`a\` W[^^aZ` W[X`W+[T O ^[^`"^aWVW`W^ ZW_`W\^ [^ `[X+[T_S`Sc[^UWZ`W^ O [US\^[^`"^aWSW_S\^ [^ `VWU _ [ZTS_WV[Z+[T_Ua^^WZ`S``S`c[^UWZ`W^ O [TS\^[^`"^aWSW_\^ [^ `VWU _ [ZTS_WV[Z ZX[`S` ZUaVW_`W^WS Z ZYc[^ UWZ`W^_S+[Ta_`\S__`^[
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