Management and Organizational Studies 3343A/B Chapter 8: 3343 T&D Chapter 8 Textbook Notes

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Management and Organizational Studies
Management and Organizational Studies 3343A/B
Linda Eligh

TD Chapter 8 Textbook Notes What is Technology based training? Technology based training: refers to training that involves the use of technology to deliver courses, such as Webbased training; computerized selfstudy (including CROMs, DVDs, and diskettes); satellite or broadcast TV; and videoaudio, or teleconferencing. (Any technology that delivers education or training or supports delivery of these subject would be included in the definition). Prevalence 75 orgs in Can use it to deliver training By contrast: Traditional training: refers to training that does not involve the use of technology to deliver courses, such as classroom training with a live instructor (regardless of the instructors or learners use of technology during the class); noncomputerized selfstudy, such as textbooks or workbooks; non computerized games; seminars; lectures; or outdoor programs. Confusing thing about technology based training? Is the many different terms used to refer to the various forms of technology based training. Although, there are some technical distinctions between some of the methods, the distinctions are generally not apparent to trainees and often have to do with where the programs and data are located and the ease with which they can be updated. Nonetheless it is important to understand the terms used to describe the different types of technologybased training In Canada, the use of technology for training has increased over the last decade and companies have made major advances Major types of technology based training: Internet: loose confederation of computer networks around the world that is connected through several primary networks Intranet: general term describing any network contained within an organization. It refers primarily to networks that use internet technology Extranet: a collaborative network that uses internet technology to link organizations with their suppliers, customers, or other organizations that share common goals or information CDROM: format and system for recording, storing, and retrieving electronic information on a compact disc that is read using an optical drive Electronic performance support system (EPSS): Integrated computer application, that uses any combination of expert systems, hypertext, embedded animation, anor hypermedia to help user perform a task in real time quickly and with a minimum of support from other people Electronic simulation: a device or system that replicates or imitates a real device or system Multimedia: A computer application that uses any combination of text, graphics, audio, animation, andor full motion video Teleconference: The instantaneous exchange of audio, video or text between two or more individuals or groups at two or more locations Television (Cable, satellite): Transmission of television signals via cable or satellite technology
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