Management and Organizational Studies 3343A/B Chapter 11: 3343 T&D Chapter 11 Textbook Notes

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Management and Organizational Studies
Management and Organizational Studies 3343A/B
Linda Eligh

TD Chapter 11 Textbook Notes Training Evaluation What is Training Evaluation? TRAINING EVALUATION: A process to assess the value (the worthiness) of training programs to employees and to organizations Using a variety of techniques, objective and subjective information is gathered before, during, and after training to provide the data required to estimate the value of a training program Analyzing data collected from trainees Its a continuum of techniques, methods, and measures to inform management about value of training programs o Range from simple procedures (how much did you enjoy this training program?) to elaborate procedures (assess transfer of learning, or degree of actual performance improvement) Training evaluation is not a single procedure, rather it is a continuum of techniques, methods, and measures o At one end of the continuum are simple evaluations that focus on trainee satisfaction o At the other end of the continuum lie more elaborate procedures that provide managers with more information of a richer quality about the value of a training program In the end, training evaluation choices are a tradeoff, balancing between quality and complexitycosts between the informational needs of decision makers and the difficulty and resources required to obtain that information Why Conduct Training Evaluations? Management has a stake in ensuring that the resources invested in training bear fruit Training evaluation is therefore of value to: o Help fulfill the managerial responsibility to improve training o Assist managers in identifying the training programs most useful to employees and to assist management in the determination o f who should be trained o Determine the cost benefits of a program and to help ascertain which program or technique is most costeffective o Determine whether the training program has achieved the expected results or solved the problem for which training was the anticipated solution o Diagnose the strengths and weaknesses of a program and pinpoint needed improvements o Use the evaluation information to justify and reinforce, if merited, the value and credibility of the training function to the organization Do Organizations Conduct Training Evaluations? Findings have shown that organizations are abandoning evaluation altogether Perhaps dissatisfied with reactionbased evaluations, and unable or unwilling to consider the use of better approaches, many organizations have chosen to forgo training evaluation
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