Management and Organizational Studies 3343A/B Chapter 4: 3343 T&D Chapter 4 Textbook Notes

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Management and Organizational Studies
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Management and Organizational Studies 3343A/B
Linda Eligh

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TD Chapter 4 Textbook Notes Opening vignette TD bank was concerned about robberies conducted needs analysis (focus groups, interviews, surveys) o Revealed the need to design a training program that would focus on not Chapter 4 The needs Analysis Process define needs analysis and describe the needs analysis process explain how to conduct an organizational, task, and person analysis as well as a cognitive task analysis and a team task analysis describe how to determine solutions to performance problems and when training is likely to be the best solution compare and contrast the different methods and sources for conducting a needs analysis describe the obstacles to conducting a needs analysis and how to conduct a rapid needs analysis What is needs analysis (most important step in the training and dev process) Needs analysis A process to identify gaps or deficiencies in employee and organizational performance Concerned with gaps between actual performance and desired performance Need A gap between current and desired results The way to identify performance gaps is to solicit information from those who are affected by the performance problem. This information identifies the problem, which is the difference between the way the work is being done and the most costeffective way of doing it. In the simplest terms, needs = required results current results. needs analysis identifies, prioritizes, and selects needs that will affect internal and external stakeholders. Needs analysis helps to identify the causes of and solutions to performance problems.
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