Training and Development Chapter 8 text book notes

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Management and Organizational Studies
Management and Organizational Studies 3343A/B
Nancy Platt

Chapter 8training that involves the use of technology to deliver it Technology Based Trainingsuch as Webbased training computerized selfstudy satellite or broadcast TV video audio or teleconferencingLarge numbers of employees at any timeTraditional Trainingtraining that does not involve the use of technology to deliver it such as classroom training with a live instructor books games seminars outdoor programsComputer Based Training VS ELearningComputer Based Trainingrefers to training that is delivered via the computer for the purpose of teaching job relevant skillsELearningrefers to the use of computer network technology such as the intranet or Internet to deliver information or instruction to individualsSelfDirected LearningInstructorLed Training ILTinvolves an instructor or facilitator who leads facilitates or trains onlineSelfDirected Learning SDLprocess that occurs when individuals or groups take the initiative and responsibility for learning and manage their own learning experiencesBenefitsoLearn at your own paceoBuild on knowledge bases to reduce training timeoIndependence is gained and learning is more efficientoLearn at own styleLimitationsoCan learn the wrong thingsoTime can be wasted accessing resourcesoCan be time consumingAsynchronous and Synchronous Trainingavailable to employees at any time and from any locationAsynchronous TrainingSynchronous Traininglive and in realtime trainingElectronic Performance Support SystemsCommon type of asynchronous trainingElectronic Performance Support System EPSScomputerbased system that provides access to integrated information advice and learning experiencesVideo and Web Conferencing
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