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Western University
Management and Organizational Studies
Management and Organizational Studies 3384A/B
Cristin Keller

MOS 3384 – Chapter 11 c pen WHYAUDIT A STAFFING SYSTEM Staffing system audit evaluates all human resource activities, systems, and procedur Dnnected with staffing. Provides feedback for effectiveness of procedure. Environmental Changes Technology, the legal system, economy, and society profoundly affect staffing practices. Organizational Entropy Entropy is the tendency of a system to break down over time. Organizational Atrophy refers to the break down of internal operating systems, success breads failure: past success leads to feeling of invincibility. unavoidable unless these systems are consistently regulated Strategic, structural, or Tactical Changes Any change in strategy, structure, or tactics affect the roles, required competencies, and behaviours of employees, necessitates the notification of new performance criteria and hiring practices. Demographic Changes Workforce composition in most organizations continually changes. Increase of Women, minorities, and the physically challenged in equiring new hiring and deployment practices. STEPS IN A STAFFING AUDIT Scope of the Staffing Audi Extends beyond the staffing department’s actions ; success depends on how well it performs and how well its programs are carried out by others in the organization. Alignment with the corporate strategy Staffing specialists do not set corporate strategy, they strongly determine its success. Ihaviours of hires are not aligned with corporate strategy, a firm’s competitiveness is reduced. Important for evaluation: hiring/promotion criteria consistent with strategy Performance criteria and standards align with the strategy Staffing system supportive of excellence Supervisors competent in hiring h and assessing employees validly to further corporate goals: Nternal human resource deployment practices support strategy Audirt of staffing systems and structure: should logically begin with a review of the staffing department’s work. Focus on planning, execution, and control. Hese areas supplement and integrate with each other no single area should be overemphasized Audit of managerial compliantce Audit will uncover errors from ignoring or violating policies so that timely corrective action can be taken. Audit of performance For auditing organizational performance, a team must examine major issues, such as profitability and productivity gain, as well as less tangible outcomes Research Approaches to Audits 11.6 pg 347 -comparative approacr uses the staffing department or function in another firm as a model en compares its results or procedures with those of the other orga nization :ompare the results of specific staffing activities or programs and their relation to costs, selection ratio, qualifications of hires, absence, turnover, and salary data. Make sense when trying procedure for the first time -Compliance approach Reviews past recruitment, hiring, and deployment practices to determine if those actions followed company poli s and legal requirements. -Objectives- based approach Compares spe cific objectives with actual achievements to identify appropriate corrective actions. Research Design and Data Collection Methods Interviews Such cultural audits aim to gauge the prevailing organizational culture and the way it is revealed
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