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Management and Organizational Studies
Management and Organizational Studies 3384A/B
Cristin Keller

MOS 3384 – Chapter 10 c pen Rustrated new employees leave the organization, causing significant additional hiring costs and lost time. Even if the employee does not leave the firm, early experiences have a lasting influence on their motivation and perceptions of what le organization values. Deployment refers to orientation activities aimed at placing newly hired employees in their job positions so that they quickly learn to execute their job responsibilities. Begin when selection ends DEPLOYMENT PROCDURES Before Arrival Written information sent to the new hire 1) to clarify the terms of appointment 2) to persuade the hire to accept the offer, 3) to facilitate speedy rrival at the worksite by ensuring all necessary clearance. Multaneously, management must let employees know about the new hires. three distinct but interrelated activities take place at this stage: documentation, identification, and communication. Documentation: once an orgaization has made its selection decisions, it sends the candidates formal job offers along with all rerelevant supporting information. Nclude details about job offer, instructions on how to respond to the offer, and conditions governin lie job offer, must be signed before start date, work visa’s secured at this time if necessary [dentification new employee has to be assigned identification numbers necessary to access organizational systems and services. \ details are normally provided after arrival, arrangements have to be made before Organizational communication must inform all concerned departments and employees about the impending arrival of the new hire. Plans for office space, security clearance, and safety orientation. On Arrival Allocation of equipment and facilities direct the new employees to the assigned office space and introduce them to all facilis and equipment. H Security clearance: present the employees with security and access cards that will allow them to access to all space and equipment Orientation: initial training to familiarize them with the organizational culture and the job dutiesS Time-consuming and expensive, it reduces employee turnover and helps new employees become productive sooner. -Reduce errors and save time: give employees a clear idea of expectations, results in fewer mistakes. Necessary to communicate toemploy s what the organization expects of them and what they can expect in returr -Reduce employee turnover: probability that an employee will quit the organiza:ion is highest during their first few months, gap between a new hire’s expectations and the reality of the job is too large, that employee will take action. If they cant determine what it takes to get ahead alone, they will seek answers and may not come up with the right ones -Reduce need for corrective discipline: clarifies the rights and duties of employees, itlines disciplinary requirements, and spells out the consequences of deviating from the prescribed path. -Reduce employee anxiety, familiarity=reduced stress -Reduce employee grievances result from ambiguous job expecpectations -Build organizational culture through socialization Socialization is the continuing process through which emplcpiovees understand and accept the values, norms, and beliefs of the organization. Formal programs, such as orientation, training, and job rotation, and informal interactions with one’s boss and co-workers, teach the new hire about what the orgaition values and rewards. Content of orientation programs :opics typically covered during ori< organizational issues that new employees need to be aware of. Explains key benefits, policies, and general information about the company. Where here nay be no formal orientation program. I buddy system, where e the mployee is introduced to a senior worker who shows the new person around. Highly informal Orientation should not be a one-shot event.employee is overwhelmed when expected to absorb too much information in a short time or may have new questions (one week after, then one month after) FACILITATING CAREER GROWTH OF EMPLOYEES Today’s :knowledge economy makes employees the most valuable part of organizational resources. Constantly develop employee capabilities and potential, create settings where employees continuously learn, develop creative solutions to emerging challenges. Developmental Activities Cognitive training: focuses on deepening employee thoughts nd ideas through new knowledge or process changes. Ongoing information-sharing process: continually evolving and chang internal roles and communication patterns to adapt to environmental demand promote constant learning least effective methods for bringing about behavioural changes, too passive (lecture) Behavioural approaches: Focus primarily on changing employee behaviours through experiential exercises such as behavior modeling, role play, and team- building games to help news adopt desirable behaviours -Behavior modeling. Manager acts as the “model’ trainee learns to imitate the model reinforcing desired behavior -Role play. Trainee assumes the role of someone e ivolved in a situation to gain insight -Sensitivity training. Nployees become aware of the impact of their behavior on others -Team building. Team members diagnose group processes and devise solutions -Coaching. Establishes an ongoing professional relationship between an expert and trainee, ongoing relationship for advice purposes -mentoring. The employee establishes a close relationship with a boss or ai another experienced employee who takes personal interest in their career Ivironmental stra ies,” the situational approach focuses on exposing the trainee to to a variety of tf differ :nt settings and contexts that help the employee^ learn new skill attitudes, and values. -Job rotation exposes employees to many different
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