Chapter 4: Job Analysis and Competency Models

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Management and Organizational Studies
Management and Organizational Studies 3384A/B
Karen Mac Millan

MOS3384 Chapter 4 Pg 115160Job Analysis and Competency ModelsSelecting and Retaining the Best EmployeesJob Analysis Time Well SpentIdentifying critical skills knowledge and attitudes necessary to perform a job wellIdentify a Jobs Success FactorsJob description observe similar jobs and interview all different directionsRPC Required Professional Capabilities Relevant to whatever jobKSAOs Knowledge Skills Abilities and Other Capabilities 117Part 1 Job Analysis Job Analysis and Employment Law A Reprise A job analysis is legally acceptable to determine jobrelatedness in the hiring process First line of defence for an organizations selection procedures 1975 Precedent was set by the US Supreme Court and the Albemarle Paper Company It is illegal to make employment decisions based on a persons age sex race religion colour national origin sexual orientation or physical handicap Job Analysis and Job EvaluationJob Analysis The process of collecting information about jobs by any method for any purpose Includes a description of the context and principal duties of the job responsibilities work conditions etc Provides a description of the job and required KSAOs needed to perform the job
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