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Management and Organizational Studies
Management and Organizational Studies 3385A/B
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HRAdministrationChapter4DesigningandAnalyzingJobsOrganizingWorkforStrategicSuccessThe relationships between people and tasks must be structured so that the organization achieves its strategic goals in an efficient and effective mannerORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE the formal relationships among jobs in an organizationORGANIZATION CHART a snapshot of the firm depicting the organizations structure in chat form at a particular point in timeoDoes not provide details about actual communication patterns degree of supervision amount of power and authority or specific duties and responsibilitiesDesigning an organization involves choosing a structure that is appropriate given the companys strategic goalsThree common types of organizational structureoBureaucratic Topdown management approachMany levels and hierarchical communication channels and career pathsHighly specialized jobs with narrowly defined job descriptionsFocus on independent performanceoFlat Decentralized management approachFew levels and multidirectional communicationBroadly defined jobs with general job descriptionsEmphasis on teams and product developmentoMatrixEach job has two components functional and product1Finance personnel for product B are responsible for both the finance executive and the product B executiveJobDesignJOB DESIGN the process of systematically organizing work into tasks that are required to perform a specific jobAn organizations strategy and structure influence the ways in which jobs are designedEffective job design takes into consideration human and technological factorsJOB a group of related activities and duties held by a single employee or a number of incumbentsoThe duties of a job should be clear and distinct from those of other jobsoShould involve natural units of work that are similar and relatedPOSITION the collection of tasks and responsibilities performed by one personJobSpecializationWORK SIMPLIFICATION an approach to job design that involves assigning most of the administrative aspects of work such as planning and organizing to supervisors and managers while giving lowerlevel employees narrowly defined tasks to perform according to methods established and specified by managementoScientific management theorybased on the premise that work can be broken down into clearly defined highly specialized repetitive tasks to maximize efficiencyoInvolves assigning most of the administration aspects to supervisors and managersoGiving lower level employees narrowly defined tasks to perform oCan increase operating efficiency in a stable environment and may be very appropriate in settings employing individuals with intellectual disabilities or those lacking education and trainingoIt is not effective in a changing environment oAmong education employees simplified jobs lead to lower satisfaction higher rates of absenteeism and turnoverINDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING a field of study concerned with analyzing work methods making work cycles more efficient by modifying combining rearranging or eliminating tasks and establishing time standards2
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