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Western University
Management and Organizational Studies
Management and Organizational Studies 4410A/B
Maria Ferraro

Chapter 7Strategy implementation varies substantially among different types and sizes of organizationsTransition from strategy formulation to strategy implementation requires a shift in responsibility from strategists to divisional and functional managersEssential that divisional and functional managers be involved as much as possible in strategy formulation activities and strategists should be involved as much as possible in strategy implementation activitiesManagement Issues Central to Strategy ImplementationEstablish annual objectivesDevise policiesAllocate resourcesAlter existing organizational structureRestructure reengineerRevise reward and incentive plansMinimize resistance to changeMatch managers with strategyDevelop strategy supportive cultureLink performance and pay to strategiesManagers and employees throughout an organization should participate early and directly in strategy implementation decisionsTopdown ow of communication is essential for developing bottomup supportAnnual objectives essential for strategy implementation because they 1 represent the basis for allocating resources 2 a primary mechanism for evaluating managers 3 the major instrument for monitoring progress toward achieving longterm objectives 4 establish organizational divisional and departmental priorities Establishing annual objectives is a decentralized activity that directly involves all managersCan lead to acceptance and commitment
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