Chapter 13 very in-depth. No need to buy the text book just read these notes!!!

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Western University
Management and Organizational Studies
Management and Organizational Studies 4410A/B
Maria Ferraro

Chapter 13 reorganization plan similar to chapter 11 but it is available only to small business owned by individuals with unsecured debts of less than 100000 and secured debts of less than 350000The chapter 13 debtor is allowed to operate the business while a plan is being developed to provide for the successful operation of the business in the futureFive guidelines for when retrenchment is effectiveWhen an organization has a clearly distinctive competence but has failed consistently to meet its objectives and gals over timeWhen an organization is one of the weaker competitors in a given industryWhen an organization is plagued by inefficiency low profitability poor employee morale and pressure from stockholders to improve performanceWhen an organization has failed to capitalize on external opportunities minimize external threats take advantage of internal strengths and overcome internal weaknesses over time that is when the organizations strategic managers have failedWhen a organization has grown so large so quickly that major internal reorganization is neededDivestitureSelling a division of an organizationUsed to raise capital for further strategic acquisitions or investments and used as a strategy for firms to focus on their core businesses and become less diversifiedSix guidelines for when divestiture may be an effective strategyWhen an organization has pursued a retrenchment strategy and failed to accomplish needed improvementsWhen a division needs more resources to be competitive than the company can provideWhen a division is responsible for an organizations overall poor performanceWhen a division is a misfit with the rest of an organizationWhen a large amount of cash is needed quickly and cannot be obtained reasonably from other sourcesWhen government antitrust action threatens n organizationLiquidationLiquidation is a recognition of defeat and consequently can be an emotionally difficult strategyThree guidelines indicate when liquidation may be an effective strategyWhen n organization has pursued both a retrenchment strategy and a divestiture strategy and neither has been successfulWhen an organizations only alternative is bankruptcy
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