Chapter 6 notes

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Management and Organizational Studies
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Management and Organizational Studies 4410A/B
Raymond Leduc

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Chapter 6Strategy Analysis and ChoiceProposed strategies should be listed in writing and ranked in order or attractiveness 1should not be implemented and 4definitely should be implementedStrategyFormulation Analytical Framework o Stage 1 The Input StageEFE External factor evaluation Matrix IFE Internal Factor Evaluation Matrix CPM Competitive Profile MatrixSummarizes the basic input information needed to formulate strategiesRequire strategists to quantify subjectivity during early stages of the strategyformulation process o Stage 2 The Matching StageFocuses on generating feasible alternative strategies by aligning key external and internal factorsSWOT Matrix SPACE Strategic Position and Action Evaluation Matrix BCG Boston Consulting Group IE InternalExternal Matrix Grand Strategy Matrixcan be used in any sequenceAbove tools rely on information derived from the input stage to match external opportunitiesthreats with internal strengthsweaknesses matching is key to generating feasible alternative strategies o Stage 3 The Decision StageQSPM Quantitative Strategic Planning MatrixUses input information from Stage 1 to objectively evaluate feasible alternative strategies identified in Stage 2Reveals the relative attractiveness of alternative strategies and provide objective basis for selecting specific strategiesTechniques included in the strategyformulatio
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