chapter 2 notes

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Management and Organizational Studies
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Management and Organizational Studies 4464A/B
Muhammad Shuja

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Chapter 2Auditing IT Governance Controls IT governance focuses on the mgmt and assessment of strategic IT resources o Objectives to reduce risk and ensure that investments in IT resources add value to the firm o Follows the philosophy that all stakeholders should be active participants in key IT decisions this reduces risk and increases likelihood that IT decisions will be in compliance with user needsIT governance controls 1 Organizational structure of the IT function 2 typesCentralized data processingall data processing is performed by one or more large computers housed at a central site that serves users throughout the organization end users compete for these resources on the basis of need o IT services function is treated as cost centre whose operating costs are charged back to end users o An independent group headed by the data administrator is responsible for securityintegrity of the database o System developmentresponsible for analyzing user needs and designing new systems to satisfy those needs involves professionals end users ie managers who receive reports stakeholders ie accountants o System maintenancemaking changes to program logic to accommodate shifts in user needs over time o Data processing manages information needed to perform daytoday functionsData conversiontranscribes transaction data from hardcopy source documents into computer inputComputer operationselectronic files produced in conversion are processed by the central computerData librarya room next to the computer center that provides safe storage for the offline data files backup or current o Segregation of incompatible IT functionsSeparate transaction authorization from transaction processing Separate record keeping from asset custodyDivide transactionprocessing tasks among individuals such that short of collusion between 2 or more people fraud would not be possibleSeparate systems devel
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