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Chapter 7 Products and Brands
Types of Products
In marketing, a product is a good, a service, or an idea consisting of a bundle of
tangible and intangible attributes
o Tangible attributes include physical characteristics such as colour or
sweetness, and intangible attributes include those aspects of a product that
can't be “touched,” such as the way driving a Porsche may make you feel,
or how a product makes you healthier
Products are divided into three main categories:
o Non-durable goods items that do not last and that are consumed only
once, or for a limited number of times
Ex: Food
o Durable goods a product that lasts for an extended period of time
Ex: appliances and automobiles
o Services intangible activities, benefits, or satisfactions offered for sale
Ex: Banking and visits to the doctor
Services have primary services and supplementary services
Supplementary services often allow services to differentiate their
offerings from competitors while adding value for consumers
As companies look at what they bring to market, there is a range from the tangible
to the intangible defined as the service continuum
The Uniqueness of Services
There are four unique elements to services: (referred to as the four Is of services)
o Can't be held, touched or seen before the purchase
o To help consumers assess and compare services, it is important for
marketers to demonstrate the benefits of using the service
o Developing, pricing, promoting, and delivering services is challenging
because the quality of a service is often inconsistent
o In most cases the consumer cannot separate the deliverer of the service
from the service itself
o Issues arise due to the fluctuating demand for services throughout the day
and the difficulty in assessing the manpower needed to service these needs
o Idle production capacity refers to when the supply of the service exceeds
its demand
Product Elements
The Total Product Concept
Marketers views products as having three different layers:
o The Core Product
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