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MOS Chapter 2 Notes
Strategic plans are broader in scope, longer time frames (2-3 years), provide overall direction,
apply to the entire organization
To link goals to skills, the manager must look at current and future needs of the company and
the steps to get there
Human resource planning: process to ensure that the people required to run a company are
being used as effectively as possible, where and when they are needed, in order to accomplish
the organization’s goals (manpower and employment planning)
Planning occurs more systematically in medium-large organizations
Forecasting the demands of employees
o Trend analysis: quantitative approach to forecasting labour demand
o Management forecasts: opinions or judgements of supervisors or managers and others
that are knowledgeable about the organizations future employment needs
An organization must also look at the supply of employees internally and externally
Internal supply
o staffing tables: graphic representations of organizational jobs along with the number of
employees currently occupying those jobs and the future needs of that employee
o Markov analysis: tracking the pattern of employee
Skills inventory: information about the education, experiences, skills, etc. of staff
Outcome of HR planning is to achieve a useable balance between the demand for and supply of
employees (planning steps pg. 37)
Attrition: natural departure of employees through quitting, retired, or dying
Recruitment: process of locating and encouraging applicant to apply for jobs (for a lot of
Organizations have developed resume tracking systems that allow managers to query on online
database of resumes
Succession planning: process of identifying, developing, and tracking key employees for future
Internal job posting: communicating information about job openings (more effective when its
part of a career development program)
Job openings filled from outside the organization should be considered to spread ideas
Disadvantage of outside recruitment is lack of performance information
Labour market: area from which applicants are recruited
Canada has relied on immigration to fill its labour demand
Individuals who become unemployed must register at one of the HRSDC branches in order to
receive their weekly unemployment cheques
Integrated front end career websites with their own databases makes the review of applicants
more efficient
Employment agencies
o Private agencies: clerical, technical, junior-middle management
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