Management and Organizational Studies 2320A/B Chapter Notes - Chapter 14: Integrated Marketing Communications, Sales Promotion, Marketing Mix

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Communicate their value proportions to customers, and what they communicate should not be left to chance. The products design, its price, the shape and colour of its package, and the stores that it all communicate something to buyers. The entire marketing mix promotion and product, price, and place must be coordinated for greatest communication impact. Calls for recognizing all touchpoints where the customer may encounter the company and its brands. Each brand contact will deliver a message, whether good, bad, or indifferent. The company wants to deliver a consistent and positive message with each contact. Leads to a total marketing communications strategy aimed at building strong customer relationships by showing how the company and its products can help customers solve their problems. Ties together all of the company"s messages and images. Some companies appoint a marketing communications director who has overall responsibility for the company"s communications efforts. The major parties in a communication the sender and the receiver.