Management and Organizational Studies 3384A/B Chapter Notes -Personnel Selection, Professional Certification, Common Hardware Reference Platform

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Chapter 1 an introduction to recruitment and selection (r&s) Ethical treatment of job applicants throughout the recruitment and hiring process. Accepted standards and principles of professional associations. Do not have to be perfect practices. Employers must be able to show that their procedures are fair and do not discriminate against protected groups. Hiring at any entry level from external applicants. Promotion or lateral transfer of people within the organization. Movement of current employees into training and development programs: best practices in r&s: Are responsible for up to 15% of the firm"s relative profit. Correlate with an organization"s long term profitability and productivity ratios. Socioeconomic factors affecting r&s: global competition. More than half of what is produced in canada is exported vulnerable to foreign conditions. Canadian businesses must continually work on improving their competitiveness in providing goods domestically and internationally: rapid advances in technology and the internet. Employees now expect new hires to be computer literate.