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Chapter 1

Management and Organizational Studies 4485F/G Chapter Notes - Chapter 1: Employee Assistance Program, Wrongful Dismissal, Employee Engagement

Management and Organizational Studies
Course Code
MOS 4485F/G
William Fisher

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Chapter 1
Competitiveness: companies aectiveness, ability to maintain and gain
market share.
HRM: policies, practices, and systems that inuence an employees behavior,
attitude, and performance
Analayzing and designing work, determining HRP, recruiting, selection,
training and development, compensation, performance management,
employee relations.
-The HR department is solely responsible for outplacement, compliance
with employment laws, record keeping, testing, unemployment
compensation, and some aspects of bene&ts administration
-Depends upon the size of the organization how many tasks are only
done within the hr department

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HR professional competencies
-top most important for HR professional and Hr leader.
-Share information, build relationships, inuences individuals inside and
Evolution of HRM function
-roles as a strategic business partner, change agent, and employee
advocate are increasing
-challenges: look at strategies for future, prepare all individuals to
implement HR practices
-holt renfrews company example – attracting young hip women
Challenges (chart)
-Competing through technology – changes roles of workers, high
performance work systems, ecommerce and ehrm
-Competing through globalization – expanding to foreign markets,
prepare employees to work elsewhere
-Competing through sustainability- return to shareholders, provide high
quality product and services etc, address issues, promote social
responsibility, increase value human capital
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