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Textbook Notes for Music 1102A/B at Western University (UWO)

WESTERNMusic 1102A/BKate HelsenWinter

Music 1102A/B Chapter Notes - Chapter full course: Hildegard Of Bingen, Gregorian Chant, Melodic Motion

OC52431841 Page
Monday january 9, 2017 the elements of music: a brief introduction. Melody: a single line of notes heard in succession as a coherent unit (more complex
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WESTERNMusic 1102A/BKate Helson Fall

Music 1102A/B Chapter Notes - Chapter 1: Ostinato, Minuet, Word Painting

OC16384311 Page
Both polyphonic and homophonic, but on the while more homophonic. Growing importance of periodic phrases structure in all genres of music ,not just dan
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