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Philosophy 1200
Ryan Robb

Assignment 1. Due: 24/09/13 Submitted by: Dane Ferry The Exercise: 1. Relying on the lectures and documents provided to this point, briefly explain in your own words why a professor from any discipline other than philosophy or biology (since those are the examples I‟ve used in class) is characterized as a „Doctor of the Philosophy of…‟ whatever discipline you choose (in other words, what two skills do they possess that qualifies them as „philosophers‟?) (2 marks – one or two sentences should be sufficient to provide a complete answer.) - Being a “Doctor of…something,” means that you have thorough knowledge base in your discipline and use that knowledge to further argue/assess a cause and therefore better your field. 2. Provide one example of a belief that you hold (excluding „the Earth is round‟, since that‟s the example I used during lecture) (1 mark – seriously, any belief whatsoever). - The grass is green (or appears to be). 3. Provide an example of one reason that you could offer to support the belief you identified in #2 (1 mark for one reason). - Grass contains chlorophyll, a chemical component of most plants that absorbs blue and red light reflecting mostly green light, which is what our eyes see. Therefore the grass appears green. 4. In the short passage that follows, identify the conclusion and the premise(s) of the author‟s argument by rewriting it according to the following form (an example of which appears in the „What is Philosophy‟ document): P1: DEHP, a chemical used in the production of infant products, is known to cause liver cancer (in lab rats). P2: Health Canada released a report confirming DEHP can be absorbed orally from products used by infants. Pn
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