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KP 56 - "The Devils of Loudun"

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Philosophy 2006
Sean Coughlin

KP 56The Devils of Loudun 1636Urbain Grandier a priest of Loudunconvicted of witchcraft tortured and burned at the stake in 1636 for having bewitched the local convent of Ursuline nuns Context machinations pathology and ultimate tragedy of the caseportrayed in Aldous Hexleys The Devils of Louduno Sentence of Royal Commissioners is noteworthy for its dramatic and wellstaged effects calculated to impress upon all minds the gravity of the crimes of this priest convicted of bewitching a convent Father Surin was sent to exorcise the demons Grandier was accused of summoningfound himself possessed as well o Offered in a rambling letter to his friend and spiritual advisor a startling description of the symptomology of witchcraft in terms thmeaningful to a devout Christian of the 17 c Sentence of the Royal Commissioners Against Urbain Grandier Urbain Grandier duly arraigned and convicted of the crime of wizardry sorcery and pos
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