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KP 45 - Jean Bodin "On The Demon-Mania of Witches"

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Philosophy 2006
Sean Coughlin

KP 45Jean Bodin On The DemonMania of Witches 1580Bodin questioned the justice and legitimacy of the witchhuntandexecution enemy of allOn The Punishment That Witches Merit2 ways in which states are maintained in their status and greatness o 1 Reward for the good and 2 Punishment for the badLapse in the distribution of theseinevitable ruin of the states Not necessary that every crime be punishednot enough judges or executioners o Usually only poor scoundrels are punishedo Men with friends or money may escape the hands of menBut cannot escape the hand of God 7 benefits of punishment o 1punish the crimeo 2appease the anger of Godo 3strike fear and terror into otherso 4preserve victims from being infectedharmed by the wickedo 5reduce the number of the wickedo 6the good can live in security o 7punish the wickedNo penalty cruel enough to punish the evils of witchesthey offend God in thousands of ways Some people object to burning witches even though true heresy is the crime of treason against God and punishable by fireprincipally against these witches that one must seek vengeance with the greatest diligence and utmost rigour in order to bring an end to the wrath of God and his vengeance upon us Crimes of Witches o 1 Renouncing God Law of God condemns that person who has left the true God for another to be stoned terrible form of executionWitches do not just deny God in order to change and take up another religionthey renounce all religion o 2 Cursing blaspheming and scorning God Whoever curses his God shall bear his sin He who blasphemes the name of the Lord shall be put to death o 3 Paying homage to the Devil worshiping him offering sacrifice making a trench and putting their face in the ground praying and worshiping him with all their heart Surpasses any penalty man can conceiveo 4 Promising their children to Satan o 5 Sacrificing their infants to the Devil before they are baptized
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