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KP 33 - Pope Innocent VIII's Papal Bull

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Western University
Philosophy 2006
Sean Coughlin

KP 33Pope Innocent VIII Summis Desiderantes Affectibus 1484Innocent VIIIBecame Pope in August 1484Basically this document was an official document stating that the Pope has political power over all regions and all heretical acts must be recognized and punishedInnocent VIII was moved by complaints of KramerSprenger that local ecclesiastical authorities in Germany refused to aid them in their pursuit of heretical witchcraft Purpose was to remove judicial obstacles preventing KramerSprenger from carrying out their witch hunt Traditionally considered the beginning of the witch persecutions Drawbacks o Likeness to other papal documents o Particular emphasis upon preachingo Lack of dogmatic pronouncement on the subject of witchcraft Catholic faith grow and flourish as much as possibleAll heretical pravity be put far from the territories of the faithfulIt has recently come to our earsmany persons of both sexesgive themselves over to the devilsand by their incantations charms and conjuringsruin and cause to perish the offspring of women foal of animal
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