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Published on 1 Dec 2011
Western University
Philosophy 1020
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Why is there evil?
Philosophy #13
29 September 2011
- the author (B.C. Johnson) asks "Why doesnt God interfere to save not just
babies who are caught in fires, but people everywhere who are suffering and in
great need of help?"
- God refuses to use his power to help us when we need it (i.e. baby burned to
- he has some execuses
- God wouldn't save the baby unless it would go to Heaven, otherwise it wouldn't
be worth it (you wouldnt steal something if you couldnt get away with it)
- if we consider a human good for saving a baby from a burning house, what
grounds could we possibily have for continuing to assert the goodness of an all-
powerful God?
- this suggest that we should be more independent when in help (we should
abloish medical care because we rely on it so much as an example)
- if God interferes in disasters, he would destroy a considerable amount of moral
urgency to make things right
- God approves of these disaters as a means to encourage the creation of moral
- God wants these to happen, it we lived in a world where it didnt happen, God
would do it himself
- in a world without suffering, there wouldnt be virtues like courage, sympathy,
- God has a "higher morality," but it is the opposite of ours (good = bad, bad =
good), but he is all good...
- keeps the laws of nature consistent
- God is unlikely to be all good