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Philosophy 2810F/G Chapter Notes -Infant Mortality, Anomie, Posttraumatic Stress Disorder

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PHIL 2810F/G
Jennifer Epp

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NEGATIVE: harm to people as members of groups, and harm to the group itself, can-
not be healed only by problematizing or treating individuals
POSITIVE: Native healing from colonial harms requires connection to the land, a re-
turn of access to the land base and a return to traditional land based physical spiritual
and cultural practices in community
forced removal from/denied access to the land, and therefore from/to traditional cultur-
al activities and ways of life
other forms of cultural disruption
PTSD, internalization
entrenched dependency on the oppressive colonizing power - economic dependency
it is the forced rapid reshaping of indigenous existence during this process of colonial
capitalist expansion and consolidation which is the most important aspect of the colonial
experience for indigenous peoples themselves - every aspect of their lives was re-
shaped in the interests of capitalism and to ensure the opportunity and profit potential
result- dissolution of community and amonie
health, addiction, suicide, violence, and, infant mortality rate crises. Lack of access to
education and sanitation
disorientation, disempowerment, discord, disease
anomie - profound alienation
colonialism is the development of institutions and policies by EUropean imperial and
Euroamerican settler governments towards indigenous peoples
denial of which capabilities - meaningful participation in society, labour and economic
to pursue land based cultural practices
because genocide, cultural dissolution and are communal harms recovery from the ef-
fects of colonialism cannot occur via individualistic solutions
self governance, economic empowerment and land claims do not address and are
colonial solutions
options: destruction, dependency, assimilation. All fail.
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