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Philosophy 2810F/G Chapter Notes -Negative And Positive Rights, Triage, Infant Mortality

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PHIL 2810F/G
Jennifer Epp

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extreme poverty, economic exploitation
chronic hunger, lack of adequate health care
jobs where mothers cannot bring children
catholic prohibition on birth control
lack of education
leading to appalling infant mortality rates
maternal detachment/indifference
selective passive infanticide, a migua
of weaker babies, or those with signs of dehydration, starvation or gastric illness
a prolonged, painful, ugly, death
withdrawal of care - neglect
some babies want to die
they were already starving in the womb
too weak to survive the struggle for life
it is better that they die because they would never be right, would be useless or
couldn't fend for themselves if they lived
combined with the belief that mothers could become sick from sick babies, and that
their breast milk is insufficient or polluted
those who live are accepted, loved and cherished
not saying that this is a situation of no ethics, but how it changes to a morality of triage
because there is often no other option
women know whats going on, however they wont say its MY kids that are suffering
from all these things and thats why these kids died
harms, we want to ask who harmed and where does the responsibility lay
social institutions are to blame for harm according to Scheper Hughes
birth rates have plummeted over the last 20 years
education for women has being a driving factor in women not having many kids
there's only so much governments can do sometimes
reforming the practice of state - citizens hold the government accountable
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