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Chapter 2

Chapter 2 Steinhoff

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Philosophy 2083F/G
Frank Cameron

LEGITIMATE AUTHORITY – STEINHOFF  And wars, one must presumably conclude can only be waged by legitimate authorities  We are already in the midst of the uncanny realm of double standards  The whole just war theory collapses into an enabling act for legitimate authorities  Augustine: to insist on the public monopoly of the use of force remains a fundamental step in any process of pacification and securing that monopoly is a precondition of civilized society  The actual enforcement of public monopolies of force, while reducing the number of wars or violent conflicts does not necessarily reduce the dimensions of violence taken as a whole  Difficult to wage war against values, Coats might use the term counter value warfare here simply in the sense of deterrence theory, namely as contrasted with counterforce warfare  The idea that such a revolutionary struggle necessarily degenerates into total war only becomes plausible if one conflates a state in order with society which Coates in fact does  Extremely negative, indeed hostile, assessment of revolutionary movements  Coates the states right to war derives from its membership of an international community to the common good of which the state is ordered and to the law of which it is subjects  By admitting that state and society can oppose each other, he of course also admits that a revolutionary movement can itself be a public force that is force legitimized by the community  Legitimate authority is by no means logically dependent upon these requirements an actor who enters armed conflicts without just cause and without respect for the principle of non-combatant immunity does not have legitimate authority  We may conclude that Coates appeal to the criterion of legitimate authority does not succeed in demonstrating that revolutionary violence or terrorism  Janna Thompson – strategy in this regard is to put it shortly to define legitimate authority in such a way that its legitimacy is not undermined by only occasional violations of the law  Violence which has not been legitimized by a legitimate authority in this sense is for Thompson terrorist violence  She herself admits all of the violence of the Nazis including violence against armed
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