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Chapter 3

Chapter 3 Steinhoff

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Philosophy 2083F/G
Frank Cameron

JUST CAUSE INCLLUDING SUBCRITERIA AND RIGHT INTENTION  Although one might have a just cause a war could still be illegitimate because of the non-fulfilment of the other criteria  There is often consensus between the parties of a war on the how of warfare  This criterion does not bear scrutiny  The criteria of last resort and probability of success turns out to be subordinate to the criterion of proportionality  Is indeed a separate criterion and remains independent of just cause  Stipulates that war be wages for this just cause  The issue is whether the act is admissible  Moreover one has to distinguish between concrete actions on the one hand and types of action on the other  Attempted murder is not admissible  The interveneing power may in its war effort not go further than is necessary for the achievement of the war objective defined by the causa justa  However having unattractive inclinations does not constitute a moral offence ph 27  It does not serve the protection of liberty
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