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Chapter 1

Steinhoff Chapter 1

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Western University
Philosophy 2083F/G
Frank Cameron

CHAPTER 1 – STEINHOFF INTRODUCTION  According to common sense, terrorism is the paradigm of senseless or at the very least of down sight illegitimate and detestable violence  We are not only responsible for our deeds but we are also responsible for the formation of our beliefs – since everything further follows from this  Intellectual integrity is the condition for every other form of integrity  Just war theory distinguishes the legitimacy of entering or continuing respectively certain war – just ad bellum – from the legitimacy of a certain kind of warfare, that is the legitimacy of the manner in which war is waged  Six criteria are usually given for the justification of entering a war 1. A legitimate authority – king, president, parliament and the like – decides on the entrance into war 2. One has a just cause for entering into war – eg. Defense against an aggressor – 3. One pursues the war with the right intention namely for the purposes of a just cause 4. The war fulfills the condition of proportionality that is it is a proportionate means, which is to say that it does not create more mischief than it averts 5. The war also fulfills the condition of having prospects of success in the sense of prospects of victory 6. The war is the last resort ultima ratio, that is there are no promising alternatives available  For the legitimacy of the conduct of war in turn there are above all two conditions which must be fulfilled 1. The condition of proportionality must be fulfilled one is not to bomb a country into th
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