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Response to McMahan

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Philosophy 2083F/G
Frank Cameron

RESPONSE TO MCMAHANS PAPER INTRO  What Jeff Mc Mahan means to provide in this essay is a careful and precise account of individual responsibility in time of war  War: it is a coercively collectivizing enterprise; a tyrannical enterprise; it overrides individuality, and it makes the kind of attention that we would like to pay to each person’s moral standing impossible; it is universally oppressive  His paper is a bit stingy with applications  Coalition soldiers were also required to accept greater risks to themselves to reduce the harm inflicted on the conscripts. Note first how far McMahan is in this example – surely there were some members of the Guard for whom service was an offer they could not refuse and who were privately opposed to the invasion of Kuwait  McMahan does in fact recognize the collectivizing impact of war  What he regards as significant differences of responsibility between the Guard and the regular army just aren’t going to make a difference on the battlefield  Benevolent quarantine for the duration – what we might call the surrender convention is a reciprocal agreement that is obvious
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