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READINGS WEEK 3 LECTURE 2 MARXISM  Rawls does believe that material inequalities are compatible with equal rights  The difference principle is justified precisely because the capacity of the less fortunate members of society to achieve their aims  Attempts to reformulate Marxian theories, this movement is often known as analytical Marxism  Historical materialism – the development of human societies is determined by class struggle which is itself determined by the development of the means of economic production and the inevitable result of this development is the revolutionary overthrow of capitalism by the proletariat  Economic contradictions not moral arguments would underlie the revolution  Marxist realize that if socialist or communist ideals are to be implemented it will require persuading people that these ideals are morally legitimate and worth pursuing  Two strands of critique 1. Objects the very idea of justice – is a remedial virtue a response to some flaw in the social life – communism overcomes those conflicts and hence overcomes the need for justice 2. Liberalisms emphasis on justice but rejects the liberal belief that justice is compat
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