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Philosophy 2801F/G

LIBERAL EQUALITY PART 2  If we each theory of justice has its own account of the contracting situation then we have to decide beforehand which theory of justice we accept  This dispute cannot be resolved by appeal to contractual agreement  First the original position provides a way to render vivid our intuitions  Secondly while the intuitions appeal to in the equal opportunity argument show that fair equality of opportunity is not enough they do not tell us what more is required and the contract device may help us render our intuitions more precise  Impartial contractors view each person in society as one of the possible future locations of their own good, ideal sympathizers view each person in society as one of the components of their own good, since they sympathize with and so share each person’s fate  The concept of a veil of ignorance attempts to render vivid the idea that other people matter in and of themselves, not simply as a component of our own good  A conception of justice cannot be deduced from self evident premises or conditions on principles; instead its justification is a matter of the mutual support of many considerations of everything fitting together into one coherent view – reflective equilibrium  Redefine the original position so as to yield the difference principle INTERNAL PROBLEMS  His argument against of equality of opportunity depends heavily on the claim that it gives too much room for the influence of our undeserved natural endowments  Rawls defines the wor
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