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CONSTITUTION AND CHARTER OF CANADA CONSTITUTIONAL LAW • constitutions tend to encompass the supreme law of a state • divide and separate power within the state • more entrenched than other laws • tends to combine written elements with customs and conventions a • Canada takes black letter law very seriously, but their open to interpretations • 1982 first and last amendments made to constitution, it added the charter SOME CHARTER HIGHLIGHTS • s.1 places limits on rights - not absolute by any means • rights of citizens vs rights of everyone - democratic and mobility rights are guaranteed to citizens • s 15(2) - permissibility of affirmative action built into the constitution S 24 (1) explicitly empowers judges to enforce the charter • • s 27 - explicitly endorses multiculturalism s 33 - the notwithstanding clause - any province can pass a law notwithstanding the • charter and pass it for a period of 5 years SECTION 1 • The
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