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Western University
Philosophy 2801F/G

Week 3 Lecture 2 MARXISM • being upset about free loaders and welfare state • strongest point is not the focus on liberty is the against coercion argument - libertari- anism • allows far to great inequalities in wealth if you abide by Rawls • communism by definition, is no private property whatsoever - you don't need a com- munism state to have a community community • acts as a historian than an economist, how various economic systems have changed over time. Not saying it ought to be the case but rather it will be the case - it'll be the end of history • Dialectical Materials - deterministic view - there is no such thing as moral responsibility - events just happen no one needs to take responsibility for them doesn't make sense to talk about how things ought to be because they eventually will • just be justice can be contested too much and its just a waste of our time so you are stuck in • your historical and class space and you aren't in any place to criticize whether its a just place or not • labour is the motive that causes us to believe what we do and governs our whole world view - the work you do every year determines who you are as a person, what you want out of life and what you believe to be true and religions • false consciousness/adaptive preferences: your preferences adapt to your circum- stances. whatever you're stuck in thats what you believe is the best you can do • political and economic history can be examined and explained by class struggle - dif- ferent classes develop different class struggles - proletariat, laborers and bourgeoisie -alienation, workers become disassociated from their labour • product of their labour isn't owned by them but is in fact owned by someone else • you are exploited under the capitalist system because they are not paying someone for everything they make • Contemporary Analytic Marxism: applies contemporary anglo-american philosophical methodology to Marxist concepts and the defensibility of Marxism • focus on dialectical materialism and the predictability of communism has gone out of style • new focus on strong brands of material equality and the elimination of unfair dispari- ties in wealth • more equal access to resources, broader more equal distribution of resources be- tween people COHEN • the ability principle: certain individuals can possess more goods
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