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Western University
Philosophy 2810F/G
Jennifer Epp

READINGS WEEK 2 LECT 2 CHAPTER 15 NUSSBAUM  Americans have frequently supported the principle of Bande Mataram giving the fact of being American a special salience in moral and political deliberation  Emphasis on patriotic pride is both morally dangerous and ultimately subversive of some of the worthy goals patriotism sets out to serve  Rorty cannot even criticize ourselves well unless we also rejoice in our American identity and define ourselves fundamentally in terms of that identity  Politics of difference, one based on internal divisions among America’s ethnic racial, religious and other subgroups  Nationalism and ethnocentric particularism are not alien to one another but akin  Proponents of nationalism in politics and in education frequently make a weak concession to cosmopolitanism  Cosmopolitan education – a historical digression which traces cosmopolitanism to its origins and in the process recover some excellent arguments that have traditionally supported it PART TWO  It is this community that is fundamentally the source of our moral obligations  We should regard all human beings as our fellow citizens and neighbours  Stoic successors held, we should not allow differences of nationality or class or ethnic membership or even gender to erect barriers between us and our fellow human beings  Stoics proposing that we should give our first allegiance to no mere form of government no temporal power but to the moral community made up by the humanity of all human beings  Stoics who hold that good civic education is education for world citizenship 1. Hold that the study of humanity as it is realized in the whole world is valuable for self-knowledge 2. We will be able to solve our problems if we face them in this way 3. They insist that the stance of the kosmou polites is intrinsically valuable for it
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