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Western University
Philosophy 2810F/G
Jennifer Epp

READINGS WEEK THREE – R2P ENGAGING CIVIL SOCIETY SUMMARY OF R2P  International Commission on Intervention and State Sovereignty seeks to lay out alternatives to the deeply criticized humanitarian interventions of the 1990s  To try to develop a global political consensus on how to move from polemics particularly through the UN  Delivering practical protection for ordinary people at risk of their lives because their states are unwilling or unable to protect them  The concept of sovereignty signifies the legal identity of a state in international law  The author of a state is not regarded as absolute  States also take on obligations as members of the international community  The concept of sovereignty as responsibility now must extend to the responsibility of the state to protect its citizens  International legal obligations under human rights and human protection declarations covenants and treaties international humanitarian law and national law  Benchmark for state conduct  Human security there is growing recognition that the concept of security must include people as well as states  The debate about intervention for human protection purposes should focus on R2P  It becomes the responsibility of the international community to act in its place  Prevention is the single most important dimension of the R2P  Early warning: system wide coordination of early warning is needed such as early warning data analysis and r
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