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Western University
Philosophy 2810F/G
Jennifer Epp

WORLD POVERTY AND HUMAN RIGHTS POGGEThe annual death toll from poverty related causes is 13 all human deathsOur average per capita income nearly 180x greater than that of the poorFew realize that severe poverty is an ongoing harm we inflict upon the global poorAnd are willing to admit that we should do more to helpActively responsible for this catastrophe ACTUAL HISTORYChallenges such as this are often dismissed with the lazy response that we cannot be held responsible for what others did long agoCannot inherit responsibility can we plausibly claim the fruits of their sinsThe global poor have a much stronger moral claim to that 1 of the global product they need to meet their basic needs than we affluent have to take 81 for ourselvesA morally deeply tarnished history must not be allowed to result in radical inequality FICTIONAL HISTORIESOthers may believe that it is permissible to uphold any economic distribution no matter how skewed if merely i
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