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Philosophy 2810F/G
Jennifer Epp

COLONIALISM AND STATE DEPENDENCY - ALFRED THESIS: • NEGATIVE: harm to people as members of groups, and harm to the group itself, can- not be healed only by problematizing or treating individuals • POSITIVE: Native healing from colonial harms requires connection to the land, a re- turn of access to the land base and a return to traditional land based physical spiritual and cultural practices in community EFFECTS OF COLONIZATION • forced removal from/denied access to the land, and therefore from/to traditional cultur- al activities and ways of life • other forms of cultural disruption • PTSD, internalization entrenched dependency on the oppressive colonizing power - economic dependency • • it is the forced rapid reshaping of indigenous existence during this process of colonial capitalist expansion and consolidation which is the most important aspect of the colonial experience for indigenous peoples themselves - every aspect of their lives was re- shaped in the interests of capitalism and to ensure the opportunity and profit potential • result- dissolution of community and amonie • health, addiction, suicide, violence, and, infant mortality rate crises. Lack of access to education and sanitation • disorientation, disempowerment, discord, disease • anomie - profound alienation • colonialism is the deve
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