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Philosophy 4990A/B
Michael Fox

CURRENT REQUIREMENT AND TASKS  It is neither uncreated nor self-generating. God alone is the absolute  The problem of moral evil – the most tragic of evil’s forms – is also addressed in the Bible, which tells us that such evil stems not from any material deficiency but is a wound inflicted by the disordered exercise of human freedom  Human nature and divine nature are safeguard in all their autonomy and at the same time the unique bond which sets them together in mutuality without confusion of any kind if revealed  The human spirit is often invaded by a kind of ambiguous thinking which leads it to an ever deepening introversion, locked within the confines of its own immanence without reference of any kind to the transcendent  If this technology is not ordered to something greater than a merely utilitarian end, then it could soon prove inhuman and even become a potential destroyer of the human race  Prompts a second requirement: that philosophy verify the human capacity to know the truth, to come to a knowledge which can reach objective truth by means of that adaequatio rei et intellectus  Second Vatican council: intelligence is not confined to observable data alone. It can with genuine certitude attain to reality itself as knowable, though in consequence of sin that certitude is partially obscured and weakened  The need for philosophy of genuinely metaphysical range capable, that is, of transcending empirical data in order to attain something absolute, ultimate and foundational in its search for truth  Reality and truth do transcend the factual and the empirical, and to vindicate the human being’s capacity to know this transcendent and metaphysical dimension in a way that is true and certain, albeit imperfect and analohgical  The word of God refers constantly to things which transcend human experience and even human though; but this mystery could not be revealed, nor could theology render it in some way intelligible  Faith clearly presupposes that human language is capable of expressing divine and transcendent reality in a universal way – analogically, it is true but no less meaningful for that  I wish to reaffirm strongly the conviction that the human being can come to a unified and organic vision of knowledge  Most significant that some philosophers are promoting a recovery of the determining role of this tradition for a right approach to knowledge  Eclecticism tend to use individual ideas drawn from different philosophies, without concern for their internal coherence, their place within a system or their historical context  Eclecticism is an error of method, but lying hidden within it can also be the claims of historicism. To understand a doctrine from the past correctly, it is necessary to set it within its proper historical and cultural context  Modernism only the most recent opinions and philosophical language, ignoring the critical evaluation which ought to be made of them in the light of the tradition  Scientism this is the philosophical notion which refuses to admit the validity of forms of knowledge other than those of the positiv
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