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Western University
Philosophy 4990A/B
Michael Fox

THE MAGISTERIUM’S INTERVENTIONS IN PHILOSOPHICAL MATTER  The autonomy which philosophy enjoys is rooted in the fact that reason is by its nature oriented to truth and is equipped moreover with the means necessary to arrive at truth  It is the task of the Magisterium in the first place to indicate which philosophical presuppositions and conclusions are incompatible with revealed truth, thus articulating the demands which faith’s point of view makes of philosophy  It is necessary to keep in mind the unity of truth, even if its formulations are shaped by history and produced by human reason wounded and weakened by sin  The Magisterium’s pronouncements have been concerned less with individual philosophical theses than with the need for rational and hence ultimately philosophical knowledge for the understanding of faith  Even if faith is superior to reason there can never be a true divergence between faith and reason, since the same God who reveals the mysteries and bestows the gift of faith has also placed in the human spirit the light of reason  In the past, the Magisterium has on different occasions and in different ways offered its discernment in philosophical matters  Scripture, therefore, is not the Church’s sole point of reference. The supreme rule of her faith derives from the unity which the Spirit has created between Sacred tradition, Sacred Scripture and the Magisterium of the Church in a reciprocity which means that none of the three can survive without the others  In brief, there are signs of widespread distrust of universal and absolute statements  It is fa
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