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Philosophy 4990A/B
Michael Fox

THE INTERACTION BETWEEN PHILOSOPHY AND THEOLOGY  Theology is structured as an understanding of faith in the light of a twofold methodological principle  Philosophy contributes specifically to theology in preparing for a correct auditus fidei with its study of the structure of knowledge and personal communication, especially the various forms and functions of language  Without philosophy’s contribution, it would in fact be impossible to discuss theological issues  With its specific character as a discipline charged with giving an account of faith, the concern of fundamental theology will be to justify and expound the relationship between faith and philosophical thought  Revelation endows these truths with their fullest meaning, directing them toward the richness of the revealed mystery in which they find their ultimate purpose  Fundamental theology should demonstrate the profound compatibility that exists between faith and its need to find expression by way of human reason fully free to give its assent  Moral theology requires a sound philosophical vision of human nature and society, as well as of the general principles of ethical decision making  Because of its implications for both philosophy and theology, the question of the relationship with cultures calls for particular attention, which cannot, however, claim to be exhaustive  Jesus destroy the walls of division and creates unity in a new and unsurpassed way through our sharing in his mystery  Cultures show forth the human being’s characteristic openness to the universal and transcendent  Inseparable as they are from people and their history, cultures share the dynamics which the human experience of life reveals  Cultures are fed by the communication of values, and they survive and flourish insofar as they remain open to assimilating new experiences  Cultural context permeates the living of Christian faith, which contributes in turn little by little to shaping that context  Because the community of the baptized is marked by a universality which can embrace every culture and help to foster whatever is implicit in them to the point where it will be fully explicit in the light of truth  Cultures are prompted to open themselves to the newness of the Gospe
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