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Philosophy 4990A/B
Michael Fox

ON SOCIAL CONCERN – JP2  Work points to a widening gap between the rich and the poor divided by the North and South  Calls for a recognition of the moral dimension of interdependence along with a concept of development that is not merely economic  Reaffirms the continuity of the Church social teaching as well as constant renewal  JP22 asserts that social concern of the church is directed towards an authentic development of man and society which would respect and promote all the dimensions of the human person  BACKGROUND  Hopes for development are far from being realized – gigantic effort is to be called for  The nature of evil confronts us to development of a people as a moral evil – the fruits of which are structures of sin  Structures of sin: a sum total of negative factors that work against a universal common good  POLITICAL  When interdependence among nations is separated from it’s ethical requirements, it has disasterous effects on the weak  Signs of underdevelopment are unemployment/underemployment  Nations are being bloced Marxist East and Capitalist West  This underdevelops people – needs to be free form ideological tensions to develop  Demographic issues: North not having enough kids, south under systematic campaigns against birth – this deserves forceful condemnation  Abandonment of politics in bloc, no imperialism, promote solidarity  PERSONAL  People are individualis
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