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Philosophy 4990A/B
Michael Fox

CONSCIENCE AND TRUTH  The relationship between man’s freedom and God’s law is most deeply lived out in the heart of the person, in his moral conscience  Voice of conscience can when necessary speak to his heart  The way in which one conceives the relationship between freedom and law is thus intimately bound up with one’s understanding of the moral conscience  The critique already mentioned of the traditional understanding of human nature and of its importance for the moral life has led certain authors to state that these norms are not so much a binding objective criterion for judgments of conscience but a general perspective which helps man tentatively to put order into his personal and social life  On the basis, an attempt is made to legitimize so called pastoral solutions contrary to the teach of the Magestrium and to justify a creative hermeneutic according to which the moral conscience is in no way obliged, in every case, by a particular negative precept THE JUDGMENT OF CONSCIENCE  Conscience makes its witness known only to the person himself. And, in turn only the person himself knows what his own response is to the voice of conscience  Conscience has binding force, conscience bears witness to man’s own rectitude or iniquity to man himself, but, together with this and indeed even beforehand, conscience is the witness of God himself, whose voice and judgment penetrate the depths of man’s soul, calling him fortiter et suaviter to obedience  The term conflicting thoughts clarifies the precise nature of conscience: it’s a moral judgment about man and his actions, a judgment either of acquittal or of condemnation according as human acts are in conformity or not with the law of God written on the heart  The judgment of consc
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