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Philosophy 4990A/B
Michael Fox

FUNDAMENTAL CHOICE AND SPECIFIC KINDS OF BEHAVIOR  Freedom is not only the choice for one or another particular action: it is also, within that choice, a decision about oneself and a setting of one’s own life for or against the Good, for or against the Truth and ultimately for or against God  The key role in the moral life is to be attributed to a fundamental option, brought about by that fundamental freedom whereby the person makes an overall self-determination, not through a specific and conscious decision on the level of reflection, but in a transcendental and athematic way  A distinction thus comes to be introduced between the fundamental option and deliberate choices of a concrete kind of behavior  The obedience of faith by which man makes a total and free self commitment to God offering the full submission of intellect and will to God as he reveals  The radical nature of the decision to follow Jesus is admirably expressed in his own words: whoever would save his life will lose it; and whoever loses his life for my sake and the Gospel’s will save it  Jesus call to come follow me marks the greatest possible exaltation of human freedom, yet at the same time it witnesses to the truth and to the obligation of acts of faith and
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