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Western University
Philosophy 4990A/B
Michael Fox

THE MORAL ACT  The relationship between man’s freedom and god’s law, which has its intimate and living center in the moral conscience is manifested and realized in human acts  Human acts are moral acts because they express and determine the goodness or evil of the individual who performs them  Thus we are in a certain way our own parents, creating ourselves as we will, by our decisions  Acting is morally good when the choices of freedom are in conformity with man’s true good and thus express the voluntary ordering of the person towards his ultimate end  One who alone is good, constitutes the indispensable condition of and path to eternal blessedness  Human activity cannot be judged as morally good merely because it is a means for attaining one or another of its goals, or ismply because the subject’s intentions is good  Consequently the moral life has an essential teleological character, since it consists int he deliberate ordering of human acts to God, the supreme good and ultimate end of man  Certain ethical theories called teleological claim to be concerned for the conformity of human acts with the ends pursued by the agent and with the values intended by him  Right conduct wou
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